Important Notice from Payscout and the PCI Toolkit

Payscout has changed its PCI Compliance provider and is using a PCI Toolkit. Although still a bit confusing, it is much simpler than the prior questionnaire used.

Many TES clients have asked if this is spam or real. It is real and should be done. Failure to fill out your PCI questionnaire/toolkit questions will result in PCI non-compliance charges.

The email will look something like this:

From: Conformance Tech <>
Date: Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 3:38 PM
Subject: Important Notice from Payscout and the PCI Toolkit
To: Your email



The email gives directions and login information to get connected to the PCI Toolkit site.

For additional information please contact PCI Support via email at or call Rick or Pricilla at 855.251.0150. They’re there to help you through this easy process!

Here are some notes from TES:

A separate Toolkit questionnaire will need to be filled out for each credit card processing account. Your selections will dictate which questions are asked.

Do not group your questionnaire unless you are a district person filling out the questions for a group of similar accounts (Card Reader or Online).



TES does NOT store any credit card data electronically.

 You likely do not have a QSA. They are very expensive. Check with your district to be sure.

Check all boxes that apply to THAT account. The school below was filling out the toolkit for their myschoolfees account.



P2PE stands for Point to Point Encryption and is referring to the IPP320 card reader. Find the option that shows the Ingenico IPP320 which is the type of card reader we provide with Payscout/Paywire. If you don't use a card reader, check No.


Select Enter Manually if you don't see MySchoolAccounting, MySchoolReceipts or MySchoolFees in the list.



Network segmentation in computer networking is the act or profession of splitting a computer network into subnetworks, each being a network segment. Advantages of such splitting are primarily for boosting performance and improving security. Most smaller businesses have no need for it and you can most likely answer No. How you answer that question will not affect which questionnaire you will complete. Check with your district to be sure.






Do not Group your accounts. This will cause your two online and card reader accounts to have the same SAQ Type. You must answer the questions separately for the two types of accounts you have. Answer online processing separately from your card reader account at your school.

Grouping is appropriate when one district personnell is answering all schools within the district (same type) accounts. For example, all the MySchoolFees questionnaire for the entire district and then all the card reader accounts for the district in another group.

Article revised on 11/11/19 MMT






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