How Do I Find My Paywire (Merchant ID) MID?

You should be receiving Statements from Paywire (now called Payscout) and the credit card processor TSYS. You MID (merchant ID number) is located on the top right side of the first page of your statement.

You may also find your Paywire MID by simply logging in to your Paywire Online account. Your credentials were initially emailed to you by Bill Tatton ( when your account was set up. If you cannot find your login information you may call TES Support at 888-756-5333 or email

You can get to the Paywire Online account by opening an internet browser (such as Chrome or Edge) and go to, or from within your TES Software (for credit card chip reader customers) choose Receipts, Credit Cards - Ingenico and click the Paywire Online button.

You may use the Forgot Password Link to create a new password.

Once logged into your school account you may see the MID listed on the right hand side of your school listing. MOTO accounts are MySchoolFees Online accounts. RETAIL are card reader processing accounts at the physical school. You will have a unique MID (merchant identification number) for each account type.

Your Merchant ID is generally 12 digits long and will look something like this 8903001856xxxx.



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