Updating Your Software

  1.  Periodically, MySchoolAccounting users should check to see if they are using the latest version of the software. This may be done by going to tessoftware.net and click on the Downloads tab. From there, check which version the software is by looking at the date on the right (i.e. 12.12.05would reveal a 2012, December 5th version.) If the version being used is i.e., the users’ software is 6 months behind in helpful tools and updates.
  2. Exit from MySchoolAccounting or MySchoolReceipts and ensure that others from your school are also exited. Go to the link and click on the date/version link, and install/run in Windows or Mac as applicable. All computers at a given school who use the software will need to update to be compatible. After the update is complete, the new software date should be showing at the top of the screen. If there are multiple computers using the software at a school, they all need to be updated to the same version.                       
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