Full Data Recovery - When to Use

  1. Occasionally, your software may be acting oddly (i.e. you corrected something in the bank reconciliation screen, but it is still showing that you are out of balance, etc.). Running a Full Data Recovery, may correct this or other unusual issues. Many secretaries are hesitant to run this without calling TES Support for help. We encourage you to do so before calling. This process will reindex your data and fix oddities (similar to restarting a computer.)
  2. First, be sure that other potential users of MySchoolAccounting at your school have logged out of the system.
  3. Do a backup of your books, and run the Full Data Recovery (File, Manager, Recover Data Files, Full Data Recovery). For most users, this take less than a few minutes. If you haven’t run it in a while or have a lot of data, it may take longer.
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