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How do I void a credit card transaction?

Note: To Void a credit card transaction, the batch must not have not yet been settled.

  1. Go to Receipts> Credit Cards Ingenico and highlight the transaction to be voided from the open batch. Select Void, then Post Void. [You will see both the original transaction with Sale-Void and the new void transaction.]
  2. If the batch has already been closed, it is best to issue a refund check to create a clear audit trail. If the student has overpaid (by paying twice) an AP will be created and it will be ready in your check run. A comment may be entered regarding overpayment or refund, etc.
  3. Version 10 automatically voids the receipt associated with the credit card transaction when done in this order: void cc transaction, receipt auto voided.

NOTE: If you must Refund a credit card transaction, the process is very similar. Refund is the term for this exchange after a batch has been settled. A batch which contains a Refund transaction will show a net amount. The associated receipt is not voided, rather a journal entry is automatically made for your cash account.

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