How to Void and Create a New Deposit

How do I void and recreate deposits in TES?

  1. There are times when you may need to add a late incoming receipt to a deposit. You also may have i.e. forgotten to post a deposit and you need to separate receipts into separate deposits. It is best practice if your MySchoolAccounting deposits match your actual bank deposits.
  2. Enter the bank reconciliation screen {File, End of Month, Bank Reconciliation, Reconcile Bank (top left button)}; click the Deposit button, and locate the deposit to be voided. Highlight the deposit you wish to void, and Click the Void this Deposit button. It will ask you if you are sure. (By voiding a deposit, you are putting the receipts from the selected deposit into the undeposited receipts “pool” for a deposit to be created. By voiding a deposit, you are allowing those receipts to be included in a deposit with possible other receipts, or allowing multiple smaller deposits to be created to match your bank deposit.
  3. To create a new deposit, select Cash/Check Deposit (if applicable), select the appropriate receipts, and Print and Post the Deposit.

           -  Remember to change (void/recreate) deposits in the correct period. If deposits and receipts are changed via the bank reconciliation screen, they will always be in the period that is to be reconciled. IF they are changed i.e. in the End of Day, Deposit window, they may not be in the correct period (working in P7 on P6 bank recon.) Going through the bank recon window eliminates many wrong period errors. Transactions done in a later period, but through the bank recon screen will show with the last day of the month as the date of the transaction, unless otherwise specified.

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