1099 to Include Vendor Payments from Last Fiscal Year

How can I get my vendor payments on a 1099 to include last fiscal year’s payments?

  1. When the last fiscal year’s vendor data is not showing in the 1099, it is likely missing some critical information in the Master File for that year. For example: if the vendor is not checked as a vendor, doesn’t have a social security number entered, or the 1099 box is not checked, the information will not carry over to the current fiscal year, and therefore not be included in the calendar year’s end 1099 report. This is necessary in both years’ Master Files for Vendors.
  2. To check: exit the current year’s books, enter the previous fiscal year’s MySchoolAccounting books, File->Master File, and check the listed Vendors to see if the SSN is present (dashes ok, but no spaces), and that the 1099 box is checked. If not, then add. After this is done for your vendors, exit the previous fiscal year’s books and enter the current year. The information for both fiscal years within the previous calendar year should now be included.
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