Splashtop for Remote Support

Dear Valued Customers,

Very soon, we will be transitioning to splashtop as our remote connection utility. You will see very little change, as it operates very similarly as TeamViewer. Our support staff will direct you to go to sos.splashtop.com in an internet browser, where you will Save, Run, and/or Open the system. You may also click on the Help dropdown menu from within the MySchoolAccounting or MySchoolReceipts Software (as you have in the past) and choose TES Support, or use the Start a Remote Support Session from our TES website. The link will take you directly to the splashtop website.

Just like TeamViewer, you will have a 9-digit number to give to the TES Support person who is helping you.            

 We believe this change will allow TES to assist you quicker and easier than before.


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