What's New in Version 10?

As you are aware, TES Software has a version update available for MySchoolAccounting and MySchoolReceipts users. Version 10 is available to all clients who are contracted to use previous MySchoolAccounting or MySchoolReceipts versions.

If your district has multiple schools, we recommend you contact your district before making the change. It is often best if districts migrate together when updating.

Download the attached document to view this information with screen shots and get a quick review on editing receipts.

Why the Change?

Some of the changes stem from enhancement suggestions school secretaries and bookkeepers have made, such as exportable registers; others are a result of changes to industry standards and affiliated software updates. We are confident you will benefit from the enhancements which have been made.

Different Look

Initially, you notice the Home Screen has changed from the brushed slate background to a white base. This is for quicker uploads for slower computers and has become the industry standard. Additionally, instead of the red and yellow backgrounds to alert wrong posting periods, colored text is displayed stating “Computer Date is not in the Current Posting Period” or “… Current Fiscal Year”. You will also note the TES logo which changed from the former school-house logo to the colorful collaborative insignia. This logo will also show as the desktop icon with new uploads.

Lookup Field

The lookup field in registers has changed. The document number is the default search header. Type within the lookup/search field (left of the hourglass), then hit Tab. The document you are searching for does not automatically populate; you must hit the Tab key.

Click the column header to search by another type. For example, if you wish to search by Name, click the Name header at the top of the column, then type in the search field and hit the Tab key.

Select Dates

Click the Select Dates button to include other dates. The Receipt Register defaults to the entire fiscal year. The Check Register and General Journal Register default to the current posting period (month).

Send To

Registers may now be sent to Printers, Word, Excel, HTML, etc.




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